Gordoa – Narvesen

Gordoa – Narvesen 

Emilio Gordoa –  vibraphone
Dag Magnus Narvesen –  drums

von www.lokal-harmonie.de

Dag Magnus Narvesen (Norway/Berlin) is a drummer, percussionist and composer who mainly works within the field of improvised music and progressive jazz music. He’s sound can be described as very energetic with lots of different textures developing simultaneously. There is a very strong melodic quality in the way he approaches the drums and his playing is also very influenced by what he calls elliptic grooves, – sequences of rhythmic elements which are resembling grooves and creating a forward motion without playing „in time“. He is a very versatile and creative drummer who always is very much present in the moment. Dag Magnus has throughout the years collaborated with many profiled musicians, among them: Evan Parker, Andrew D’angelo, Marilyn Crispell, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Keith Tippet, Steve Beresford, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Johannes Bauer, Fredrik Ljungkvist and many more.

official website: www.dagmagnus.com

Emilio Gordoa (Mexico/Berlin) is a composer and vibraphonist based in Berlin since 2012. He’s is specially focus in sound art, experimental music, noise, free jazz, improvisation and contemporary music, Emilio is redefining the vibraphone as a source, treating it with preparations and extended techniques, and is a busy composer as well, writing graphic scores for a variety of ensembles, large and small, for theater, documentary films and audiovisual. He has collaborated and performed with artist such as Nate Woolye, John Butcher, John Russell, Tristan Honsinger, John Edwards, Misha Marks, Axel Dörner, Tony Buck, Tobias Delius, Ignaz Schick, and Ute Wassermann. He’s currently “Improviser in Residence” at Moers Festival.

official website: www.emiliogordoa.com


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